FAQs on Web/Graphic Design

1) What is Web Design?

It is the process of creating websites. It encompasses several different aspects, including webpage layout, content production, and graphic design. Web design is technically a task that falls under the umbrella term ‘web development’.

2) What are the principles of Web Design?

Web Design has several principles, but one of the most important of all those principles is the user-centric philosophy. This means that for any design-related decision that the designer makes, the prospective user takes full priority. The experience of using the website must be easy and fully efficient for the user.

3) What is graphic design?

In relation to web design, graphic design is the skill or capacity to integrate texts and pictures so as to create an appearance that matches the over-all intention of the website or the image.

4) Do the principles of web design and graphic design coincide?

Well, they definitely have to. You can’t have a web design that clashes with your graphic design, and vice versa. These two have to be fully integrated and cohesive. Otherwise, you end up with an annoyingly mixed-up and inconsistent website.

5) What’s the use of inspiration in web/graphic design?

Well, like many things in human life, inspiration is needed if one is indeed to get things done. There’s something mysterious about how a moment of inspiration is capable of changing the direction or course of one’s existence. In the same way, a moment of inspiration, when translated into web design, can change the course of an entire website.

6) Must good software always come with expensive prices?

Well, it really depends on what you’re after when you’re designing. For one thing, if you’re considering only high-end materials, then you have to opt for paid software. On the other hand, if your sole intention is to make sure that you have software that’s perfectly functional and you can definitely work with it without having to pay for it, then you can certainly go for the free ones. You can try Vectr, Inkscape, and many others. The important thing is to always know the kind of work that you want to end up with.